Available to order from Construct Lifts

Safety gears form part of the mandatory safety requirements of today’s lifts. Although largely unseen apart from by lift engineers, their purpose is essential for lift passenger safety and as such high-quality manufacturing and reliable robust, performance is needed to ensure durability and safety is always present.

The high-quality manufacturing and performance of SLC Sautter Lift Components, and their customer support were the reasons why Construct Lifts partnered with SLC in early 2023. We believe these attributes have set SLC apart in the market.

SLC Safety Gears produce a range of safety gears covering the requirements of instant, progressive, upwards, and downwards Unintended Car Movement (UCM).

All SLC’s Safety Gears are manufactured to site specific requirements and as such the Team at Construct Lifts will help with specifications and application advice if required.

The SLC Safety Gear range includes:

  • BF Series progressive safety gears
  • SG Series of small, compact safety gears
  • RF Series instantaneous single-side acting safety gear
  • BF Tripping Device
  • Adaptation Plates
  • BF Attachments and accessories