Apart from helping with specification choice and suitability, the senior team at Construct Lifts will assist with pre-tender and pre-order site surveys, and help with project planning. We produce our own project plan and works programme both of which, we are happy to share with our commissioning customer which includes equipment deliveries and installation time frames.

Hydraulic Lift Installation


There is no such thing as a model vehicle lift! Every heavy-duty goods or vehicle lift that we are involved with or install is bespoke, depending on various factors such as intended use, location and duty load. Our installation engineers are all fully qualified and experienced in heavy-duty, technically challenging hydraulic & traction lifts and Peelle Doors. We are rigorous in our behaviour and compliance towards industry-standard health & safety practices and pre-site installation safety preparation.


With many heavy-duty goods or vehicle lifts being away from the public, the finished quality of the lift is seldom closely inspected. Not so, for the lifts we are responsible for. Prior to handover, a senior member of our team will undertake a quality inspection of the lift to ensure that it meets our high standards of finish and ride quality. It is not only the lift’s appearance we are interested in, but its reliability in use is also critical for building operational activities and therefore, we take great care to assist with specifications to ensure the lifts we install match or exceed their duty requirements.

On-site with Construct Lifts

Working as subcontractors, we understand that our behaviour and strict adherence to Health & Safety process require the correct use of PPE equipment and the essential procedures that ensure safety and customer satisfaction in all instances.

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