About GMV

GMV are a Global organisation and the world’s largest producer of hydraulic lift components. GMV is well-known for its quality manufacturing and product durability, from minor parts to full lift systems and lift packages. Although Construct Lifts are not the sole UK supplier of GMV parts, we are one of GMV’s largest UK stockists of hydraulic parts, many of which are manufactured in Sweden. Construct Lifts partner agreement is with GMV Sweden, enabling us to offer prompt delivery of GMV parts at competitive prices.

Construct Lifts can supply the full range of GMV hydraulic equipment and parts including GMV’s latest GL Drive which can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% when compared with traction-driven lifts.

Rupture Valves

Rupture Valve, Valve Blocks, Seal Kits

Power Unit

Power Units

GMV Cylinder


GMV Hydraulic Lift Packages

Working as partners with GMV, Construct Lifts can advise on the range of EN and UK compliant lift packages including passenger and goods lifts.

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