Over time, the senior team at Construct Lifts have worked with most of the Global and National lift companies to deliver heavy-duty car park lifts through to ultra heavy-duty truck lift installations.

With the increasing difficulties of city centre parking and increasing premiums on land, property managers and owners are looking at ways to give vehicle access to basement-level floors, and in many cases, the solution is to install a hydraulic vehicle lift.

Generally, the travel range for vehicle lifts is between two to three floors, in either an upwards or downwards direction. However, the vast majority of vehicle lifts travel from the ground floor down into a basement car park.

Depending upon the size of the car park, the lift car will be designed and manufactured as a through car lift, with doors at either end of the lift car. This type of installation requires sufficient space for a car to be driven out of the lift in the same forward direction it took when entering the lift car which, in some cases, is not always possible due to limited space.

In these instances, Construct Lifts can help by installing a turntable lift which rotates the car in an enclosed lift shaft. The turntable rotates 180 degrees during travel to allow the car to be driven forward safely out of the lift at the basement level. The procedure is reversed for upwards travel, allowing the car to exit safely to the street-level exit.

Car Entering Hydraulic Vehicle Lift With Turntable
Large Vehicle Lift

Service truck (refuge) lifts are now considered as the ideal option for moving trucks/lorries and vans between street level and an underground loading/unloading area. Typically, ultra heavy-duty vehicle lifts of this kind can safely move vehicles of 26,000kg plus to and from a basement level.

Construct Lifts recommend the use of Peelle freight doors for both car and landing entrances, due to their strength and robust qualities. We also recommend GMV hydraulic equipment, again for its strength and robust qualities.

Due to the bespoke nature of car park lifts through to ultra heavy-duty truck/lorry lifts, Construct Lifts can assist when asked to help with design, specification and site surveying prior to order.

Large Vehicle Lift

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