The senior team at Construct Lifts are well-known for their experience and knowledge of bespoke heavy-duty goods lifts and the environments in which they are used. This ranges from, but not exclusive to, heavy-duty goods lifts in department stores, shopping centres, warehouses, commercial premises, theatres, museums, and exhibition centres.

It is not only the carrying capacity of the heavy-duty goods lifts we provide, but the unusually large lift cars and doors that are needed to allow for floor-to-floor movement of tall and deep items.

Typically, the carrying capacity of the heavy-duty goods lifts we can help with range from 5,000kg to 26,000kg plus.

An example of the heavy-duty goods lifts that the team at Construct Lifts helped with prior to the commencement of the business, was a London-based museum that needed an unusually large goods lift to carry large valuable artifacts over three floors. Ride quality and carrying capacity were issues which resulted in the choice of GMV hydraulic equipment. The bespoke lift car was designed and manufactured in the UK, measured 6.5m wide x 4m high and was fitted with Peelle 10 panel, centre opening doors (although, Peelle Horizontal Doors at this size are no longer sold in the UK).

Engineer Inside Large Heavy Duty Lift
Bespoke commercial goods lift with doors closed

Construct Lifts recommend the use of Peelle freight doors for both car landing entrances, due to their strength and robust qualities. We also recommend GMV hydraulic equipment again, for its strength and robust qualities.

Due to the bespoke nature of many of the heavy-duty lifts, Construct Lifts can assist with design, specification and site surveying prior to order.

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