In almost every retail premises of two storeys or more, there will be a need to hold stock in a holding area prior to it being moved directly to the sales floors. In any event, goods need to be safely moved without damaging the stock, the building or harming staff. Our senior team are well-known in the industry for advising, specifying and installing goods lifts in retail premises. These can be front-of-store lifts, like those used in department and super stores, or simply back-of-house goods lifts to facilitate stock movement.

As sub-contractors, Construct Lifts can help with the installation of a range of traction and hydraulic goods lift solutions from light-duty 1,000kg MRLs to heavy-duty 5,000kg capacity and above. In all cases, we can work with you to specify the lift, its finishes, control system, power source, shaft, safety equipment, doors and signalisation.

Retail goods lift doors can be a problem when passengers use shopping trollies and also in DIY stores where manual platform trollies often knock the doors causing damage as they enter or leave the lift car. To help overcome this kind of light damage causing the lift to fail we recommend Peelle Vertically Bi-parting doors due to their strength and robust qualities.

If it is a back of store lift that is loaded from hand pallet or forklift trucks, conventional side opening doors can easily be damaged causing the lift to be taken out of service. The solution to overcome this could be to specify a Peelle vertical opening/sliding door, Construct Lifts will help with advice and options to prevent damage to lift car doors, landing doors and door sills.

Construct Lifts also recommend GMV hydraulic equipment, again for their strength, robust qualities and reputation worldwide as one of the leading hydraulic suppliers.

Due to the bespoke nature of many retail goods lifts, Construct Lifts can assist with design, specification and site surveying prior to order and installation.

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