As most of our customers are aware, goods lifts in commercial premises almost always need a degree of bespoke or custom specification, prior to build and subsequent installation. This is where the team at Construct Lifts can help, they are well-known in the industry for advising, specifying, and installing goods lifts in commercial premises.

Construct Lifts can help with a range of commercial goods traction and hydraulic lift solutions, from light-duty 1,000kg lifts to heavy-duty 5,000kg and above lifts. Acting as your sub-contractor when asked, we work with you to specify the lift, its finishes, control system, power source, shaft, safety equipment, doors and signalisation.

Most light-duty goods lifts will be manually loaded by people using sack trollies, platform trollies or hand pallet trucks. None have significant weight when unloaded. However, in many warehouses, forklift trucks are used to move and load goods, with the forklift moving into the car to unload. This action requires payload consideration along with the forklift’s travel into the lift car and over the door sills. Our experience can help with specification requirements to address problems that may occur due to the loading of the lift car.

Our team are accustomed to working closely with our customers as part of an individual goods lift installation project or a larger multi-lift installation, including a goods lift.

Open Retail Goods Lift
Commercial goods lift with doors open

Construct Lifts recommend the use of Peelle for both car and landing doors, due to their strength and robust qualities. However, we also supply and fit both automatic horizontal doors and manual folding shutter doors and gates, when requested.

We also recommend GMV hydraulic equipment, for its robust qualities. For conventional traction and MRL motors, we generally use ZIEHL-ABEGG motors 

Due to the bespoke nature of many retail goods lifts, Construct Lifts can assist with design, specification and site surveying prior to order and installation.

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