Rupture Valve

The 3006 rupture valve prevents the piston from going down if the lift cabin travels down too quickly.

The valve operates when there is a drop in pressure, between injection and extraction of the oil through the valve. As the valve works purely in a mechanical fashion and is triggered by a hydromechanical function, there is no need for electricity or an electrical switch.

Valve type 3006/B is normally used in installations with a single jack.

Valve type 3006/G is a specially designed valve for installations with double jacks and is fitted exactly in between the two Jacks. The pipes which link together the rupture valve with the jacks must comply with standards in accordance with safety requirements EN 81.2. 



The mechanical valve 3010 EN is involved in every moment of an elevator travel in terms of speed, acceleration and deceleration, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the elevator to changing pressure and temperature conditions. Available versions for
elevators: 1’’ 1/4’’, 1’’ 1/2’’ and 2’’.

Technical Data

Electronic NGV Valve with Digital Technology

The valve operates with internal feedback through the controlling of the fluid pressure and temperature.


  • Reduction of the installed power up to 15 % (*)
  • Reduction of the consumption up to 10% (*)
  • Ideal for refurbishments
  • Speed up to 1 m/s
  • Possibility to achieve an increased downward speed of up to 20 % compared to the upward speed
  • Significant reduction in travel time
  • The travel comfort is comparable with an electric VVVF system, yet without standby power consumption
  • Constant speed in downward travel regardless of the load
  • Less need for heat exchangers
  • Adjustable maintenance speed
  • Pressures from 12 to 45 bar
  • Possibility of using fluids in compliance with standards and ecological requirements
  • Ideal for MRL solutions as well

(*) Compared to a traditional valve

Technical Data

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